I am dedicated to giving back to the same music community whose energy, spirit, and influence I thrive off of. However, I am very particular with who I work with. I mostly cater to the metal community, from Death, Doom, Thrash, Folk, & Black. But I am open to other genres like dark folk, atmospheric, ambient, just to name a few. It is my biggest goal to work within this community to share this craft with.

I will reject ideas and people whose ideas and intentions do not align with my principles and standards. I will never cater to anyone using “satanic” imagery for superficial aesthetics. For example, trap rappers, deathcore bands, outsiders using work purely for shock value. I will not work with anything for a political purpose or in terms of advocacy. I stand firm by the integrity of my work and standards, I will not waste my time, effort, and energy on something that is not analogous to my outlook. I am not your generic “blackcraft” artist nor intend to be.

The cost of the piece will depend on the scale and detail. Printmaking is not for rushed or time intensive purposes, it is an arduous and painstaking process. I also require a portion of the cost as a down-payment. ARS EX FLAMMIS NIGRIS must also be credited and featured if on any album art, merchandise, and social media post.

Do not intend to steal work, reproduce, or rework any of my ideas.