Bloodletting Sigil Stickers


*None of the stickers will have actual blood on them

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As an act of devotion and dedication to my craft, I intend to go above and beyond for my passion. Art is not a pastime or a mere hobby to me. It is everything I want to put all of my energy, sweat, and now life force into.

Via the sacred act of bloodletting/blood magick inspired by my ancestors, this is a symbolic act to represent that my craft is an extension of myself. By pouring the very life source of my own vessel, I present an image of devotion to my own craft and charging the symbol even further.

Show your support and slap these stickers around town, or on your workspace, and any of your belongings.

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Sticker Variant

"Dried Blood" variant, "Fresh Blood" variant, 3 Pack (Dried Blood), 3 Pack (Fresh Blood)